The evolution of our storeroom

Rachael Nixon talks about the evolution of the CRM in the workplace and pub industry. logo

The evolution of our storeroom

Rachael Nixon talks about the evolution of the CRM in the workplace and pub industry.

The evolution of our storeroom

When I first walked through the doors of the offices (many years ago now) I was absolutely thrilled to be working for a young, emerging dot com business. A business that was led by innovation (and managed by innovators), a business that was clearly very forward thinking, a business which drove (even in the early days) a huge amount of traffic via their website. Our shop window was our showcase to the world and all our focus in those early days was on that.

However as with any business, we were so focused on the shop window that the storeroom was a little cluttered, dusty and somewhat neglected.

Whilst we were pleasingly not at a place where we kept a mini rainforest of paper in filing cabinets, we were still in a position where our data was tracked, kept and measured on excel spreadsheets.

We had hundreds of them, containing cells upon cells of complex data. Some more advanced than others. But all of them having a purpose, a piece of intel or a process that needed representing and saving.

Thankfully, the days where forgetting to hit the save button every 10 mins, or where a power cut could wipe out a whole day’s work are now long behind us.

The CRM system.

The decision was made to have a CRM system developed. After a period of consultation, we were presented with our first CRM system. Whilst this now, looking back, pales in comparison to our current model, at the time it was everything we had ever hoped for.

A system that not only captured all our applicant’s details, securely and quickly, but also a system that programmatically managed our workflow, provided us a dashboard of daily workload and kept our managers happy as they provided us reports and tangible data. To say we were happy campers is an understatement, finally our storeroom was clean and contained and we knew exactly where we had put our stock! Everything had a home.

The CRM Master.

As you can imagine in a business which is moving so quickly, diversifying our offers and growing as rapidly as we did it was quickly agreed that IT had to come in house. It was essential for us to have our CRM updated and improved continuously. When the business gained a Web and IT Director, it also gained the ability to not only update, but innovate.

Now 10 years on, we understand that data is king and the inputs of our system equally as important as the outputs of our website. Our sector is built on our ability to effectively engage and communicate with our potential tenants and develop and manage candidates through their applicant journey.

Our bespoke tried and tested CRM/ATS systems have been developed and improved. Not only do they form the foundation of our own company’s systems and processes, but they have been adopted and implemented by some of the biggest pub companies in the industry.

By using CRM information, we can coordinate marketing and promotional campaigns more effectively. You are building and growing your database daily. This data contains several key demographic indicators. Measuring and analysing this data will be paramount to any ongoing marketing strategy developed.


Never has it been more important than now to have your data secured. Our systems have been updated to be GDPR compliant, they offer safe and secure data storing, all held on an HTTPS Server. They are backed up regularly. The ability to audit data, date stamp contact and most importantly manage the customers preferred contact methods.

Finally, they are bespoke, no two systems we design are exactly the same. They are built to mirror and support individual companies’ practices and processes and generate reports in the same manner.

So now our storeroom is not only clean, organised and completely fitted out – it is also futureproof.

If you would like more information on how a bespoke CRM may benefit your company or for more information, please get in touch.